How to book online

1. Select DINE IN

2. You will now be presented with a calendar. Select the date required for your reservation and then select Find a table

3. Here you will see what times are available. If you require a much earlier or later reservation you have the option to select the drop down box located at the top right of the screen to find alternative times.

Select a time 

(Please note that every time will have “Experiences” under the time. Ignore this for now).

4. This screen you are presented with your seating type preferences,

Standard (means standard seating)

High top (means seating at a table with bar stool height chairs)

Outdoor (means outdoor alfresco seating)

Select a seating preference

5. This stage of the reservation you will see different dining experience options. Each dining experience details what it includes. There are multiple dining experiences available to choose from. 

Select your preferred dining experience. (Note that standard reservations are at the bottom of the page. You will just need to scroll the page to the very bottom to select a standard reservation.

6. Now please read the terms and conditions of making an online reservation which includes late cancellation and no show fees. Follow the prompts and enter your required details. This will include providing your preferred card details. Be sure to select “Yes, I want to get text updates and reminders about my reservations”

7. Now you may be asked to sign up for an Opentable account for future reservations. You have the option to sign up for an opentable account or if not just select “Skip” at the top right of the screen. Once completed the screen should have a green banner and say your table has been confirmed! (This is your confirmation of your reservation).

Even though your table has now been confirmed, you still have the option to modify the reservation, to send us a message or to make additional notes for your reservation.

Your reservation is now complete.

Additional info:

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, again, you have the option of create account or Send text. (Note: when you enter your mobile phone number and then select Send text, you will be sent a link to your mobile phone which then provides you with an option to download the Opentable Restaurant app).

This is not essential. As long as you received the your table has been confirmed! message as per step 7 your reservation is now complete.