Frequently Asked Questions

What is High Top seating?

High Top seating is seating that is higher than standard seating height. Most High Top seating contains bar stools.

Bella Venezia Restaurant High Top Table
What is standard seating?

Standard seating are tables that are standard seating height.

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How do I book a Booth?

Booths can be booked online. You will need to select “Premium Booth Dining” Reservations – Bella Venezia to secure a booth.

Do we need to have the 4 course set menu with matching wines for a booth?

No you do not need to select the 4 course set menu with matching wines. There is however, a minimum spend of $150 per head if you choose to order from the standard menu.

How many people can you fit in a booth?

There is a maximum of 4 people permitted per booth.

Are children allowed to dine in booths?

Unfortunately children are NOT permitted to dine in booths.

Can we bring a birthday cake and if so how much do you charge?

Yes you can bring birthday cakes. We do charge a cakeage fee of $3.50 per person.

We would like to make a reservation for 11 people or more. Are we required to select the 3 or 4 course function menus? Can we just order from the standard menu?

We prefer large bookings to select the $80 per head 3 course or $90 per head 4 course set menu to allow us to deliver a better and more seamless dining experience. If you would prefer to choose from our standard menu, there is a minimum spend requirement of $95 per head (total bill including beverage) for your table which includes children.

What is a 'Service Charge' of 5% for larger groups of 11 or more?

The service fee includes Gratuity for the waiter and team that served you.

Can we split the bill?

No. We have a strict one bill per table policy.

Do you have a minimum dress code?

Yes absolutely. The minimum dress code is NO singlets, NO thongs (slappers). Suitable footwear must be worn at all times.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. You can find our cancellation policy in our reservation terms and conditions when making a reservation. You can also view our reservation T&Cs here Reservations – Bella Venezia

How do I book online?

You can book online via our online reservations link.
If you are having issues please follow our “How to Book online” instructions